FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

For Files Transfer we use Filezilla. This is a client based software to transfer from web server to local server. Size doesn’t matter. if you familiar with ftp software like filezilla, cute ftp etc. please contact us for ftp details [email protected]. You will get you ftp details within 10-20 minutes. you can check tutorial about FTP here

We Transfer:

This is an online solution of transfer files. You could upload maximum 2GB for free version. if you have pro then you can transfer 20GB at a time. we will download from wetransfer server. you can sent your images this email address [email protected] you can learn how you can transfer check here


This is another alternative of way for files transfer . This will create a drive on the left side, underneath to myComputer or myDocument. Limit is 2GB-50GB.here is our dropbox account: [email protected]